Interlude: Street Meat, Page 1 of 3

While we're on our break between Chapters 3 and 4 of the main Weird Luck storyline, enjoy the first episode of Street Meat!

Usually, the Weird Luck creative process goes more or less like this: Nicky and Andrew plot out how the next bits of the story will unfold (based on an intricate map of long-term story and character arcs which lives in Nicky's head), then they turn the story into a detailed panel-by-panel script (for some parts of the story, Nicky writes the scripts, and for some parts it's Nicky and Andrew together). And then Mike takes each script and turns it into the pages of the comic, the way a director and cinematographer turn a screenplay into a movie or a TV show episode. There's more to it than that––a lot of discussion among all three creators, every step of the way––but those are the basics.

Street Meat, though, is Mike's first solo contribution to the Weird Luck Saga––his first time doing the scripting as well as the art.

Nicky and Andrew have been developing the Weird Luck Saga for a whole lot of years, and each continue to make their own solo contributions to it in the form of short stories, not-so-short stories, and, in Andrew's case, the novel Wallflower Assassin and the soon-to-be-back-in-print City of the Watcher trilogy. Their focus tends to be on the long-term development of the characters, and some of the characters in the comic can also be found in the Weird Luck prose stories.

Mike's into the characters, too, obviously, but Mike's also a huge fan of the comic's setting, the city of Tal Sharnis. From the beginning of this creative team's collaboration on the comic, he's worked at imagining what everyday life is like in this very weird place, and getting the look and feel of the city across.

So here's Mike's Street Meat, a Weird Luck comic about what everyday life is like on the streets of Tal Sharnis for regular folks who aren't Reality Patrol agents or crime bosses or mysterious interdimensional troublemakers.

This first 3-page Street Meat tale takes place the morning after the events of Chapter 3.

Join us again next week for Page 2!