Seeking Weird Luck Artists!

We’re looking for comic artists (either experienced or aspiring) to draw short Weird Luck stories that will be serialized on the Weird Luck webcomic site in between chapters of the main storyline.

We’ve already published two interstitial short stories between chapters: Street Meat (written and drawn by Weird Luck artist/co-creator Mike Bennewitz) and Water Damage (written by Andrew and drawn by Mike). But the new short stories we’ll be creating, which will be co-written by Nicky and Andrew, won’t take place in the city of Tal Sharnis. We’re looking to offer glimpses into other parts of the Weird Luck universe (or rather, multiverse), and the adventures of a wider variety of characters, as interpreted by multiple artists.

We’ve already got one complete 10-page story, Chasing Resyk, magnificently drawn by the brilliant Australian comic artist Tim Molloy, in which two Reality Patrol agents in search of an interdimensional serial killer cross paths with Molloy’s longtime comic antihero Mr. Unpronounceable in the City of the Ever-Open Eye. We’ll be serializing Chasing Resyk on the Weird Luck site during the break between Volumes 1 and 2 of the main storyline.

In the coming months and beyond, we’ll be creating new short story scripts, mostly ranging in length from 4 to 10 pages, for which we hope to find other artists with a variety of different styles.

Our budget isn’t huge, but we’ll be paying a reasonable per-page rate which is negotiable based on various factors like artist experience and whether the story is in color. And we’ll enthusiastically promote your other work to our audience as well. The short stories will also eventually appear in print, as backup features when we collect the volumes of Weird Luck in trade paperback format.

If you want to collaborate with us on one of these short stories (or on a series of them, if we decide we like working together), just drop Nicky an email at nicky [at] weirdluck [dot] net. Please include samples of your work and/or links to samples of your work.

The Weird Luck multiverse is vast and diverse, and there are a whole lot of different characters, settings, and types of adventures that we can explore in these stories, so let us know if there are particular sorts of settings, genres, or types of scene that you especially enjoy drawing. If we think you’d be a fun person to collaborate with, we’ll gladly develop Weird Luck stories that are tailored to your particular artistic interests!