Cast of Characters (Contains Spoilers!)

Main Cast

Tyger Sojac

Reality Patrol agent and Tal Sharnis native. Highly competent, but afflicted with Weird Luck.

Bianca Devere

Reality Patrol psychotherapist. Telepath. Good at her job. Possibly evil.


Extremely dangerous.

August Smiley

All information on Smiley has been redacted by the Reality Patrol.


Sword-wielding badass goofball with the head of a penguin.


Mantis-looking alien with telekinetic powers. Charles’ sidekick.

Mariel Shaughnessy

Bold, underdressed, and in over her head.

Supporting Cast

Concordia “Cordy” Bly

Young Reality Patrol scientist. Recently got her leg eaten by a monster.


Anthropomorphic badger. Tal Sharnis club owner and mob boss. Friends with Tyger’s mom.

The Anglerfish

Retired space pirate turned Tal Shanis club owner and mob boss. Friends with Tyger’s mom.

Granek Zeth

Tal Sharnis club owner and mob boss. Knew Tyger when they were kids. They don’t like each other.


Granek Zeth’s level-headed right-hand man. Was friends with Tyger when they were kids.

Azak & Zaka

Max’s adorable, shape-shifting, fire-breathing murder dogs.

Khez Kortho

Club owner and biggest mob boss on the East Side of Tal Sharnis.

Nalek Kortho

Tal Sharnis mob boss. Khez Kortho’s cousin and most formidable rival.

Angelica Hagen

Femme fatale par excellence.

Aselovanthio Muurgan

Curmudgeonly techno-wizard for hire.