Cast of Characters

Warning: this page contains spoilers!

Introduced in Chapter 1.1

Tyger Sojac

Our heroine. Born in the chaos-warped city-state of Tal Sharnis on the Endless Plateau. One of the few Tal Sharnis natives to become an agent of the Reality Patrol. Highly competent, but afflicted with Weird Luck.


Interdimensional man of mystery. Penchant for violence. Also appears in Andrew’s City of the Watcher trilogy (which takes place before this comic) and his novel Wallflower Assassin (which takes place after the comic).

Concordia “Cordy” Bly

Brilliant young Reality Patrol scientist, recently transfered to Tal Sharnis. Her eagerness to field-test her technology by going along on missions has led to one of her legs being eaten by an extradimensional monster.

Introduced in Chapter 1.2

Bianca Devere

Telepathic Reality Patrol psychologist. Also featured in Nicky’s stories “Bianca and the Wu-Hernandez” and “Something Nice” (in Volumes 2 and 5 of the Spoon Knife anthology), which both take place years before the comic.

Introduced in Chapter 1.3


Anthropomorphic badger and Tal Sharnis mob boss. Owner of the Wild Wood, a Feral City vice den. More civil and sophisticated than you’d expect from either a badger or a gangster. Friends with Tyger’s mom.

The Anglerfish

Retired space pirate turned Tal Sharnis mob boss. Usually addressed as “Madame Anglerfish.” Owns a Feral City nightclub which is also called The Anglerfish. Friends with Tyger’s mom.

Granek Zeth

Up-and-coming Tal Sharnis mob boss. Owns the Feral City vice den called The Widowmaker. Has known and hated Tyger since they were both in their teens. Hothead. Meathead.


Granek Zeth’s right-hand man. Friends with Tyger since they were kids (when he was still known as Alburt). Much more level-headed than his boss, and refuses to take sides in Zeth’s fights with Tyger. 

Azak & Zaka

Max’s adorable, talking, shape-shifting, fire-breathing murder dogs. Though Azak’s a boy and Zaka’s a girl, the two look so much alike that we’re not even sure which one is shown in the picture here.