Cast of Characters

Warning: this page may contain spoilers.

Tyger Sojac

Born and raised in the chaos-warped city-state of Tal Sharnis on the Endless Plateau. One of the few Tal Sharnis natives to become an agent of the Reality Patrol. Exceptionally competent, but afflicted with weird luck.

Bianca Devere

Reality Patrol psychologist of unknown alien origin, recently transfered to Tal Sharnis. Quite good at her job, which includes providing psychological counseling to Reality Patrol agents. Also featured in Nick’s stories “Bianca and the Wu-Hernandez” and “Something Nice,” which appear in Volumes 2 and 5 of the Spoon Knife anthology and take place before the storyline of this comic.


Interdimensional man of mystery. Penchant for violence. Also featured in Andrew’s City of the Watcher trilogy (which takes place before this comic) and his novel Wallflower Assassin (which takes place after this comic).

Concordia “Cordy” Bly

Brilliant young Reality Patrol scientist, recently transfered to Tal Sharnis. Her eagerness to bring her expertise into the field by going along on missions has led to one of her legs being eaten by an extradimensional monster.