About Weird Luck

Weird Luck is a psychedelic urban fantasy webcomic series, co-created by Nick Walker (writer), Andrew M. Reichart (writer), and Mike Bennewitz (artist).

Weird Luck stars Tyger Sojac, an agent of the Reality Patrol––the vast interdimensional organization that maintains the integrity of reality throughout the multiverse. Agent Sojac is stationed in the city of Tal Sharnis, which the Reality Patrol has classified as an Interdimensional Urban Disaster Zone because of the unstable and highly permeable nature of the local reality.

Although highly competent, Agent Sojac is afflicted with Chronic Synchronicity Syndrome, more commonly known as Weird Luck. This may explain why she finds herself dealing with eldritch artifacts, scheming gangsters, interdimensional conspiracies, extradimensional monsters, mistaken identities, her telepathic alien psychotherapist, her embarrassingly famous mother, a supernatural terrorist with cryptic messages for her, and a penguin-headed swordsman with a telekinetic mantis sidekick. New pages of Weird Luck are posted on Thursdays, with occasional extended breaks between chapters.

On the Weird Luck Books page, you’ll find some prose fiction stories by Nick and Andrew that are set in the Weird Luck multiverse.

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