Weird Luck Chapter List


Entry Points 1: The SwiftCorp Incursion

Extradimensional monster! Fanged tentacles! Daring rescue! (21 pages)

Entry Points 2: Call Me Bianca

Tyger meets her new therapist, who’s not creepy at all. (7 pages)

Entry Points 3: Feral City

Tyger seeks answers from some shady underworld figures. (32 pages)

Interlude: Street Meat

It’s morning, life goes on, and everybody’s gotta eat. (3 pages)

Entry Points 4: Monster

Tyger opens up to Bianca about her Weird Luck. (8 pages)

Interlude: Coked Out Demon Worshippers

The demon-wolf Akaz is summoned by drug-addled amateurs. (In progress)

Interlude: Water Damage

Coming soon!