Weird Luck FAQ

We post one page per week. New pages are officially scheduled to appear on Thursdays, but in reality they generally go live by about 10pm Pacific Time on Wednesday.

We take breaks, sometimes long breaks, in between chapters. We use these breaks to build up the "buffer"––the stash of pages that have been completed in advance. Since each page takes more than a week to create, taking the time to build up a good buffer in between chapters is what allows us to maintain a consistent one-page-per-week schedule during each chapter.

If you haven't seen a new page for a while, it means we're on one of those breaks between chapters. During the breaks, the home page of the site will display an image from the comic (often the title page of the next chapter) and if you scroll down, you'll see that the text below the image includes an announcement about when you can expect the next chapter to begin.

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You can read Weird Luck on a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a phone.

Weird Luck artist Mike Bennewitz creates two versions of every page: the desktop version, which is laid out like a classic comic book page, and the mobile version, which is designed to be scrolled through vertically, one panel at a time.

Our site will automatically detect the width of your browser window. If the browser window is wide enough to allow you to easily read the desktop version of the comic pages, you'll see the desktop version. If the browser window is too narrow to display the desktop version at a readable size, you'll see the mobile version instead.

Both versions of a page tell the same story and have the same text; the only difference is in how the images within the page are arranged.

Even if you usually find it more convenient to read Weird Luck on a phone or other small-screen device, we recommend checking out the comic on a larger screen when you get the chance. The classic comic page layouts of the desktop version are worth seeing (and are what the comic will look like in paperback, eventually).

Weird Luck page numbers follow this formula: volume, chapter, page. So if a page is numbered 1.3.23, that means it's Volume 1, Chapter 3, page 23.

Chapter numbers are volume first and then chapter. So if a chapter is numbered 2.4, that means it's Volume 2, Chapter 4.

In addition to the comic, Nicky and Andrew each write speculative fiction in plain old non-comic prose form. All of their fiction is part of an ever-growing web of loosely interconnected stories we call the Weird Luck Saga––and of course, the Weird Luck comic is also part of the Weird Luck Saga.

The comic is designed to stand completely on its own. On the other hand, we think that the more pieces of the Weird Luck Saga you read, the more fun it is. Some of the characters in the comic also show up in various prose fiction stories, so you end up getting to see them from different angles and at different points in their lives. (Note that Agent Sojac, protagonist of the comic, does not show up in any of the other stories; her whole story, or at least the parts of it we're going to tell, can be read entirely in the comic.)

Most of the published stories so far take place sometime before the comic, so they serve in some ways as prequels to the comic. This means that reading the stories can change your experience of the comic. Consider the mysterious Bianca, for example: if you read only the comic, then all you know about Bianca is whatever Agent Sojac knows. But if you've read some of the other stories in which Bianca appears, then you know a lot more about her than Agent Sojac does (at least at the start), which makes for a whole different sort of fun.

Here's a list of stories that have direct connections to the comic, more or less in the order in which they take place (though that gets a bit fuzzy sometimes, when characters travel between universes and time passes differently in different universes):

Bianca and the Wu-Hernandez
Novelette by Nicky, published in the anthology Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber. Features Smiley and Bianca, and takes place about 28 years before the comic.

Something Nice
Short story by Nicky, published in the anthology Spoon Knife 5: Liminal. Features Bianca, and takes place about 14 years before the comic.

Ruiz and the Echo Hotel
Novelette by Nicky, published in the anthology Weird Luck Tales 8. Features Smiley and Bianca in supporting roles, and takes place about 12 years before the comic.

Waiting for the Zeppelins
Short story by Nicky, published in the anthology Spoon Knife 3: Incursions. Features Smiley, and takes place about 4 years before the comic.

The City of the Watcher Trilogy
Trilogy of novels by Andrew: Weird Luck in the City of the Watcher, Time-Traveling Blues in the City of the Watcher, and Cannibal-King. Max appears in Cannibal-King, and the trilogy's climax takes place about 3 months before the first chapter of the comic. Currently out of print; new revised editions coming in 2023–2024.

Short story by Andrew, published in the anthology Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber. Takes place in the city of Tal Sharnis (where the comic takes place), just a couple of months before the first chapter of the comic.

Wallflower Assassin
Novel by Andrew. Features Max, and takes place several years after the comic (Bianca appears in two brief flashbacks that take place a few years before the comic).

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Hell yeah, we want to see your Weird Luck cosplay! Just put it online somewhere let us know by tagging us, or by posting a link in a comment on one of our latest Patreon or social media posts.

Two notes for Weird Luck cosplayers:

First, please don't cosplay Black characters if you're not Black yourself, because blackface has a really gross racist history.

And second, if you're going to cosplay Bianca, please don't cut off any of your fingers. Dedication to accuracy in cosplay is admirable, but that's taking it too far.