1.3.32: Coming For You

Entry Points 3: Feral City • Page 32

And that's the end of Chapter 3.

What a journey this chapter has been! At 32 pages, it's one of the longest we're ever going to do... although from Agent Sojac's perspective, it all took place in a single night.

We'll be taking a much-needed break now; we take breaks between chapters in order to rebuild our buffer (the "buffer" is the stash of pages that have been completed in advance, so that we can keep posting pages on time without it being a desperate scramble).

We'll be back this summer with Chapter 4, "Monster," a much shorter chapter in which we'll get some glimpses into Agent Sojac's past. And then, in Chapter 5, we'll finally meet the elusive Smiley.

In the meantime, watch the Weird Luck Patreon for bonus Weird Luck material, sneak peeks of work in progress, and eventually the announcement of the Chapter 4 launch date!