Interlude: Coked Out Demon Worshippers, Page 1 of 20

Meet Akaz, the demon-wolf.

Akaz plays a major role in Andrew's City of the Watcher trilogy (which is currently out of print, but will be re-released in new revised editions over the next few years). When Mike first read the City of the Watcher trilogy, Akaz was instantly his favorite character. 

In the world of Kaios, where the trilogy takes place, Akaz serves as the local god of death, chaos, and destruction. When he's not in Kaios, he's just a regular wolf-shaped fire-breathing demon, and how much of his power he can access seems to vary from universe to universe.

This story, "Coked Out Demon Worshippers," takes place long before either the City of the Watcher trilogy or the main storyline of the Weird Luck webcomic.